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What are stab proof vests?

Stab proof vests are an important type of armour ideal for those seeking to protect themselves from sharp implements such as knifes, and other edged objects. By the nature of armour blunt trauma protection from kicks, punches and blunt objects can also be given in varying degrees depending on the type of armour being worn. Armour is known as Armor in the US, though in the UK it is spelt Armour. Stab proof and bullet proof armour is widely used by civilians and front line professionals throughout the world. Generally a highly affordable item which can save your life.



There is a very interesting article on starlite which is an amazing heat resistant substance developed by Maurice Ward over 20 years ago. It is a compelling article that highlights the potentials of plastics and other materials to revolutionise the way we do things. Check the article out at Protect Yourself

The material has proven heat resistant qualities its suitability for stab vests and other applications is unknown at this time.

Body armour is just 1 potential application for the Starlite material. Spacecraft is another one.

Protect Yourself

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